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Sonya Sotinsky + Miguel Fuentevilla established FORSarchitecture+interiors in 1997.


Our Tucson based firm is known for Hospitality and Residential Design. We have designed over 70 restaurants including Playground, Hub, Penca, Proper, Diablo Burger, Abbey, Sir Vezas, An del Sol, Blanco, Wildflower, Zinburger, Sushi Garden and Downtown Kitchen to name just a few. FORSarchitecture+interior’s award winning residential work has been widely recognized in periodicals such as Desert Living, Lux, Tucson Home, Tucson Lifestyle, Tucson Citizen, Arizona Foothills, Metropolitan Home, Hospitality Design, Architectural Record, Residential Architect, Builder, Remodeling, and La Mia Casa. Other building types includes high density housing, offices and retail.


At FORS, we have a passion for creating environments that enhance everyday life using spatial quality and simple materials. We believe that being surrounded by good materials, craftsmanship and an elegant composition of space can improve your quality of life.


Our work precludes a singular style because each project evolves through a dynamic process of client dialog, understanding of budget, materials, place and environment. We assure quality and harmony through our comprehensive design approach.




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