miguel fuentevilla registered architect, AIA, partner




Miguel was raised  here in Tucson with his 4 siblings. He loves lechon and arroz con leche. Miguel has started running Ragnar's in the past few years and rocks neon compression socks. He loves exploring new cities and being on the water.

sonya sotinsky registered architect, IIDA, NEWH, APLD, partner



Sonya founded FORS with Miguel in January 2000. At age 8 she declared her intentions to become a famous architect. Fame aside, her work is driven by a passion for design that shapes the experience of humans. She created SHOP in her spare time as an analog retail experience to bring design on a small scale to the Sunshine Mile. Sonya recharges by spending time with family and curling up on the couch with her needlecrafts.


richard wiehe senior project architect


Richard Wiehe still likes to fix things rather than just replace them.  His belief in the practical value of ingenuity ultimately led him to architecture; one of the few professions that still values a renaissance man.  This may be why many of Richard’s friends have expressed a desire to have him in their group after the zombie apocalypse.       


john mccolgin  senior project architect



jacob shadaram architectural associate


Jacob Shadaram, a graduate from the University of Arizona, is a natural born and raised Texan! What does that mean? It means he can talk hours about BBQ and the Dallas Cowboys. His design inspiration derives from his global experience which enhances his regional designs. 


houston mcmahon junior designer 


Houston graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design. He is enjoying his new life in the desert. He loves hiking and being active, while also talking your head off. Houston loves to travel and experience architecture and design styles from other regions. He is excited to be a part of the team and thrilled to design with such a talented group.


crystal mccloyn  architectural intern



harley security  


cooper security