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team FORS



Miguel was raised in Tucson with his 4 siblings. He loves lechon and arroz con leche. Miguel has started running Ragnar's in the past few years and rocks neon compression socks. He loves exploring new cities and being on the water.



Sonya was a big-haired Jersey girl in her youth. She loves being with the family, reading and curling up doing needlecrafts with the Harlee. Sonya recently became a total glossectomee and laryngectomee and is an active advocate for that community.



Richard fixes things rather than replacing.  His belief in the practical value of ingenuity led him to architecture; one of the few professions that still values a renaissance man.  This may be why many of Richard’s friends have expressed a desire to have him in their group after the zombie apocalypse.


project architect

Jacob, a graduate from the University of Arizona, is a natural born and raised Texan! What does that mean? It means he can talk hours about BBQ and the Dallas Cowboys. His design inspiration derives from his global experience which enhances his regional designs. 


senior architect

John’s work is guided by an understanding and sympathy for the natural environment.  He enjoys driving his old 4x4 pick-up truck into the wilderness to take long hikes and photograph nature but is equally happy staying home and watching basketball on TV with his old dog.  He also spends time convalescing from mountain biking crashes. 


senior architect

Kim Bellas


junior architect

Polan was raised in the Sonoran Desert and loves the ocean. An avid musician since age 12, his creativity led him to explore design. A punk rock soul with a cowboy heart in a jazzy indie shell. He will someday fix his VW Thing.


administrative manager

After raising two kids and working towards her MBA, Yana needed a new challenge. A now infamous text to friend Sonya, was the ticket! 

When not pestering staff, she loves working with vendors and clients. An avid hiker, she is always trying to keep up with her CRAZY chocolate lab, Ozzy. Yana and husband Russ, are passionate about supporting the local arts and travel. 


interior designer

Breanna believes in elevating ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces by beauty and function. With a B.S. in Interior Design and minor in Hospitality from NAU, Breanna is becoming a certified NCIDQ interior designer. She loves baking for friends and family, traveling, and cuddling with her rescue mini-Pit bull, Mango.


junior architect

Maggie loves exploration and creation above all. A native Arizonan, she has spent most of her life connecting with and exploring the desert through road trips, stargazing, camping, or trying out new restaurants. When she’s not exploring, Maggie can most likely be found painting or building furniture.




head of security

Harlee is a loyal and hard working member of the FORSfur team, who values human life and cheese above all else. She enjoys cool windy walks with family!


security officer

The newest addition to the FORSfur team. Cooper is young and excited to learn under the direction of Harlee. He loves running, swimming and just goofing around.

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