miguel fuentevilla registered architect, AIA, partner




Miguel was raised  here in Tucson with his 4 siblings. He loves lechon and arroz con leche. Miguel has started running Ragnar's in the past few years and rocks neon compression socks. He loves exploring new cities and being on the water.

sonya sotinsky registered architect, IIDA, NEWH, APLD, partner



Sonya is the proud mom of a high school Junior and a UA Sophmore. She was a big-haired Jersey girl in her youth. While she loves traveling with family, she is also content curled up on the couch doing needlepoint with the cat. Sonya recently went public with her hatred of running and is now a proud walker.

richard wiehe senior project architect


Richard Wiehe still likes to fix things rather than just replace them.  His belief in the practical value of ingenuity ultimately led him to architecture; one of the few professions that still values a renaissance man.  This may be why many of Richard’s friends have expressed a desire to have him in their group after the zombie apocalypse.       

john mccolgin  senior project architect


nikki hernandez architectural associate


Nikki Hernandez, a suburban grown Arizonan, is a graduate of The University of Arizona. Her love for design and distaste for sprawl has led her to explore foreign, urban landscapes in hopes of inspiratin striking for future architectural (and fashion) projects. She spends most of her free time creating in digital and physical forms and playing ping pong.

andrea reyes  procurement coordinator